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Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University

1. Missions of Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Dean Toshinori Kawabata
Agriculture is the foundation in each country to supply food stably for sound and safe life of human society. Now, agriculture, food safety and security, and environment included ecosystem are faced with serious problems.
Firstly from domestic viewpoints, the following problems are noted; (1) the unbalance for populations, goods, and resources are worse than ever between cities and farms; (2) in rural districts, since decrease and aging of population progress seriously, marginal colonies and abandoned cultivated lands increase rapidly. The multifunctionalities of agriculture, farm villages and forests are declining to increase danger of flood disasters in the city region located in downstream. Secondly from international viewpoints, the following problems are noted; (1) food self-sufficiency ratio of Japan decreases under 40% which is lowest in developed countries; (2) food prices jump up from competition of food and fuel; (3) food safety and security is exposed to the threat from the problem in connection with food mileage such as the problem of Chinese meat dumpling.
In order to find out effective solutions to shortage problems for food and energy in near future, and to the environmental destruction problems due to the global warming, it is very important to clarify what agriculture will be able to contribute. Development of the technology aiming at the stable food supply, environmental conservation, establishment of new biotech industries, and food safety and security are important issues for the international strategy in a global level. Agricultural science seeks the future of these fields, and makes them our missions to contribute to society through training of talented students who can be promoted to active parts in international societies.

2. Philosophy of Education and Research

Agricultural science is a multidisciplinary science aiming at sustainable development of sound and safe human society through food security and conservation of natural environment. Agricultural science also seeks the security of recurring and harmonious natural ecosystems and artificial environments for the benefits of mankind and our society. Based on this philosophy, it is an objective of our Graduate School to conduct integrated education and research on various problems related to "Food, Environment, and Health/Life" "From Farm To Table." Education and research in our Graduate School are being conducted from interdisciplinary and international points of view, and have already achieved a number of prominent world first-class studies. The present Graduate School of Agricultural Science was renewed in April, 2007 and the Faculty of Agriculture in April, 2008.
Both the Faculty of Agriculture and the Graduate School of Agricultural Science consist of three Departments of Agricultural Engineering and Socio-Economics, Bioresource Science, and Agrobioscience. The Faculty makes utmost efforts in education and research by integrating a range of disciplines of animal, plant and microbial biology, chemistry, engineering and social science. Students wishing to pursue further study towards higher degrees can enter into the Graduate School of Science and Technology (2 years Master course and 3 years Doctor Course).

3. International Exchange

More than 70 international students are at present enrolling in the Faculty of Agriculture at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The Faculty has an important mission of international contribution through educational, academic and technological exchange and collaboration. The Faculty has already concluded international academic agreements with many oversea universities, particularly with Asian universities including Nong Lam University and Hanoi University of Agriculture in Viet Nam; King Mongkut's University, Kasetsart University, and Chiang Mai University in Thailand; University of Philippines Los Banos; China Agricultural University; Seoul National University in Korea; with EU universities including University of Hohenheim in Germany; Sofia University, Trakia University, and Russe University in Bulgaria. The Faculty also opens training courses in the areas of biotechnology, environmental science and science of animal and plant disease control, to young agricultural technologists in world developing countries through cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
Science is to bring hope and fortune to mankind and to our society by creating new paradigms on the history of scientific knowledge and wisdom that were left as a heritage by our past pioneering masters. The 21st century is a century for making a "world of sustainability and commensality", which is the very objective of our Faculty. We heartily welcome young students full of courage and challenging minds to the Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University.