For Sustainable Agriculture and Human Health -From Farm to Table -

Message from the Dean

Toshinori Kawabata
Dean,Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Welcome to the Kobe Global Graduate Program for Agricultural Science

Our mission is to investigate and elucidate various issues related to food, environment, and healthy life through world-class education and research. We carry out this mission with the motto: “Science for Sustainable Agriculture and Human Health”.

It is vitally important for humans to produce quality food in order to maintain life. Agricultural science is a comprehensive discipline covering diverse fields based on natural science, bioscience, chemistry, engineering and social science. Food is an essential energy source for human activities, and agricultural science covers fields from the mass production of food to the environment that supports these endeavors.

One of our initiatives is our new doctoral program “Kobe Global Graduate Program for Agricultural Science” starting in October 2019. We have already had a global master’s program since 2017. Students do not need to study Japanese to obtain a doctoral or a master’s degree as all lectures and research guidance are provided in English. Students can acquire advanced knowledge, skills and research abilities in their respective fields through these programs, in addition to gaining international perspectives and deep insights into agricultural science.

The Graduate School consists of three departments and six divisions. The Department of Agricultural Engineering and Socio-Economics aims to develop an integrated system for the production, distribution and consumption of foods through collaboration between agricultural engineering and socio-economics. The Department of Bioresource Science aims to develop, utilize and improve animal and plant resources to ensure the production of high quality foods and other biological materials for human use. The Department of Agrobioscience aims to understand the underlying mechanisms of complex agro-life systems to enhance food safety and to develop high quality agricultural products through the combined disciplines of biology and chemistry. We promote deeper understanding of each specialized field and also carry out interdisciplinary, integrated research that crosses the bounds of academic disciplines in cooperation with the Food Resource Education and Research Center, Center for Regional Partnership, Research Center for Food and Security and other research institutes. We cultivate individuals who can set ambitious goals and stick to them, while recognizing the value of both autonomy and cooperation. Our graduates can also demonstrate nuanced and balanced points of view.

Kobe is a very beautiful city with many tourist attractions. It is adjacent to both the port and the Rokko mountain range. Our city is home to various high-tech industries, research institutes and governmental facilities for agriculture, among others. We hope you come to Kobe to enroll in our program and enjoy university life.