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Soil Science

Soil constitutes a natural entity with a distinctive genesis and developmental history, falling within the scientific classifications akin to plants, animals, rocks, and the ocean. Consequently, soil serves not only as a fundamental resource for food production but also plays a vital role in sustaining life forms and humanity. It achieves this by modulating the environmental system as an integral subsystem within the global ecology framework. In this context, our research endeavors encompass investigations into themes such as the following:
・Mechanisms governing soil formation and genesis
・Interplay between climate change and elemental cycles in soil
・Role of natural organic matter in soil ecosystems

Recently, our focus has been on research themes such as:
・Long-term effects of biochar amendment in a temperate secondary forest
・Mechanisms of soil organic matter stabilization in mangrove soils
・Influences of microplastics on soil biota and plants

We are also actively studying dissolved organic matter in the aquatic environment. Related themes include:
・Molecular heterogeneity of dissolved organic matter governing its long-term persistence
・Co-variation of dissolved organic matter and heterotrophic microbes in freshwater lakes
・Chemical characterization of dissolved organic matter using state-of-the-art molecular techniques

Soil profile of an Andisol

Soil profile of a Cambisol

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