Division of Applied Chemistry in Bioscience
Natural Products Chemistry

Our research focuses on the chemistry of natural products that have biological activity; synthesis of natural and/or designed molecules, clarification of chemical structure-biological activity relationships, etc.

Imaging of biological components is one of fundamental and important technology in life science. Bioluminescent imaging allows high sensitive and noninvasive detection of biological components. Green fluorescent protein (GFP), which is famous for winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, emits light under irradiation of UV light. Static imaging of reporter genes in living cells has been achieved by using GFP.

Luciferases and photoproteins require biological components (such as reactive oxygen species, calcium ions, and ATP) for light emission. These proteins allow dynamic imaging of biological components in living cell.

Gaining a fundamental and predictive understanding of these bioluminescent systems through mechanistic studies based on organic synthesis is one of our main goal of our researches.
We also promote collaborative researches for the application of bioluminescence.

Glowing bivalve mollusk Pholas dactylus (Upper left),its blue bioluminescence(Upper right).
Organic substance for the bioluminescence; dehydrocoelenterazine (Center).

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