Division of Agricultural Engineering
Geo-Environmental Engineering for Agricultural Facilities

This laboratory provides an education and research program relevant to planning, designing, constructing, managing and improving agricultural facilities involving surface and subsurface dams, head works, and canal systems. Also, several problems related to characteristics of concrete materials, 3R (reuse, reduce, recycle) of industrial wastes and geoenvironmental pollution are our research topics.

Representative research themes are as follow:

  • Development of some concrete materials involving porous concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Quantification of solute transport phenomena in heterogeneous aquifer
  • Promoting the SDGs through the development of eco-friendly construction materials and high performance concrete
  • Prediction of dam seepage using machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Design and diagnosis of subsurface dams

Experimental site in Kikai island
Tokunoshima dam

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