Division of Applied Chemistry in Bioscience
Chemistry and Utilization of Animal Production Resources

Our research laboratory is focusing on the proteins and lipids which are major ingredients of animal resources. Specifically, we investigate function of enzymes and lipids to find new markers for quality control of food and some diseases, and to develop functional foods, health care products, and medicine. On the other hand, proteins and lipids are important factors in the flavor and texture of foods and are major constituents of meat which is one of the most important animal production foods. We carry out research to clarify mechanism of meat aging and of development of palatability related to those constituents. These approaches contribute to human health and food production.

Figure 1. DGKβ KO mouse (left) and its primary cultured hippocampal neuron (right).
The KO mouse show impairment of memory and its neurons has less branches, indicating importance of DGKβ in morphological change of neurons and higher brain function.

Figure 2. Phase-contrast micrographs of myofibrils prepared from muscles immediately postmortem
(a) and after postmortem aging
(b). Change in myofibrillar structure to small fragments is closely related to meat tenderization during postmortem aging.

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