Division of Agricultural Engineering
Information Engineering of Bioproduction

The Information Engineering of Bioproduction laboratory focuses on research and education about the bioproduction system including plant production in the closed environment such as plant factory and the postharvest processing. The essences of these researches are the engineered analysis and the non-destructive measurements of crop responses during the cultivation and the storage for the purpose of a development of the integrated bioproduction system at production sites.

Followings are themes of current research;

  • Development of non-destructive measurement system for the monitoring of nitrate concentration during plant growth by near-infrared spectroscopy
  • The effect of light spectrum on the nitrate concentration in vegetable leaves
  • Detection of fluctuation on the nitrate metabolism in vegetable leaf by using functional analysis of variance
  • Identification of signaling transmitter to activate nitrate reductase in vegetable leaves by near-infrared hyperspectral imaging system
  • Environmental control for production of high quality medicinal plants in plant factory
  • Measurement and evaluation of dysfunction of cell membranes in fruits and vegetables
  • Establishment of onion supply system in next generation with guaranteed shipping quality
  • Development of non-destructive measurement technology for egg quality
  • Attempts to create a scientific definition of freshness in fruits and vegetables

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